Earth Technology can provide expert planning and execution of any contaminated groundwater recovery & treatment project. Handling the groundwater recovery and treatment has been an integral part of many of our past projects, so we understand the importance.
Earth Technology not only performs this task on our own projects, but as a service to many contractors and consulting firms. Our services range from conceptual design and permitting to system installation. We can offer any level of support, ranging from a permitted turnkey system and operation to strictly equipment rental.

Our fleet of mobile treatment systems can be quickly dispatched to a site. Depending on the specific site characteristics and requirements our systems can be modified and integrated to treat up to 1000 gallons per minute, based on a sites specific information. Additionally, many individual components are available for rent or integration into an existing system.
Earth Technology has installed many fixed groundwater treatment systems ranging in size from 10-500 gallons per minute. A complete list of references and project is available upon request.

Earth Technology currently owns and operates fifty 21,000 gallon liquid storage tanks (frac tanks), and several 10,000 gallon liquid storage tanks.

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